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Flesh & Bone Small-time Texas businessman Arlis Sweeney (Dennis Quaid) can never shake the memory of his father's (James Caan) wasted life. What particularly sticks in his craw is the murder committed years earlier by his father and a teenaged accomplice. While going through the by-rote motions of his job (he supplies vending machines), Arlis strikes up a friendship with hardcase hitchhiker Kay Davies (Meg Ryan). Slowly, Kay helps Arlis put his life in order. And then, Arlis suddenly realizes where he's seen Kay before. American Rhapsody AN AMERICAN RHAPSODY, directed by Éva Gárdos, is a poignant film about family, the concept of "home", and the promise America held out to the refugees fleeing Stalin's Eastern Europe in the years following World War II. The movie begins in the late 40's as infant Suzanne is left behind in Budapest with her grandmother as her parents, Margit and Peter, flee with an older daughter to the West and the suburbs of Los Angeles. The grandmother, Helen, is soon arrested, and the baby is taken in by a childless couple, Jeno and Teri, who live in the countryside. Suzanne remains with her doting foster parents for six years, becoming as attached to them as if she was their own child. When Stalin finally dies, the grandmother is released, and soon removes Suzanne from her rural home and sends her alone to California to be reunited with the biological parents. After an initial fascination with American affluence, food and toys, Suzanne becomes deeply homesick. Her father makes a deal with her; try to accept life with the family and, when she is older, he promises to send her back to Hungary to visit the "parents" she pines for. The girl struggles at it for nine years, demonstrating increasing passive hostility towards her over-controlling mother, who wishes to protect her from the evils of the day, boys and cigarettes. (My, how times have changed!). Finally, after a confrontation between Suzanne and Margit that escalates to near violence while Peter is off on a business trip, Dad finally keeps his promise. What 15 year old Suzanne discovers back in Hungary is the crux of the story.

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LGE23262 Flesh & Bone/American Rhapsody DVD (1993/2001/Dennis Quaid/Meg Ryan/Nastassja Kinski $12.98