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Although he is known as the finest fencer in Prague, Balduin bemoans his lot in life. In the depths of his despair, the poor university student is accosted by the mysterious Scapinelli, who makes him a deal that seems too good to be true: in exchange for his choice of Balduin's meager possessions, Scapinelli offers the staggering sum of 600,000 gold pieces. Agreeing to the terms, Balduin watches in amazement as Scapinelli approaches the mirror and summons Balduin's reflection from it, walking away with the blank-faced doppleganger in tow. Balduin senses he's made a terrible mistake, but begins to enjoy his new life as a wealthy socialite, finding love with a young countess. The hefty price of his bargain becomes clear, though, as his reflection begins to interfere with his newfound happiness in a most sinister way. This highly-acclaimed 1926 version of The Student of Prague features Conrad Veidt in the lead role of Balduin. Veidt made a name for himself in numerous German Expressionist films of the silent era, including The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, where he portrayed the somnambulist Cesare. After fleeing Hitler's Germany in the thirties, Veidt appeared primarily in American produced films, among them Casablanca, which found him playing Nazi officer Heinrich Strasser.

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