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As the hunchbacked bellringer Quasimodo, Lon Chaney adorned himself with a special device that made his cheeks jut out grotesquely; a contact lens that blanked out one of his eyes; and, most painfully, a huge rubber hump covered with coarse animal fur and weighing anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds. While Quasimodo is but one of many interconnecting characters in the original Hugo novel, he dominates the narrative of this expensive Universal production. Set in the walled city of Paris in the 16th century, the story is set in motion when the evil Jehan (Brandon Hurst), brother of saintly Notre Dame archdeacon Dom Claude (Nigel De Brulier), orders the dog-like Quasimodo to attempt to kidnap gypsy girl Esmeralda (Patsy Ruth Miller). Quasimodo is captured and flogged for his crime.

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Special Features Mastered in high definition from an original multi-tinted print New symphonic score compiled by Donald Hunsberger, adapted and conducted by Robert Israel. Recorded in Europe in digital stereo Insert essay and optional audio essay through the film, both by Michael F. Blake, author of two books on Lon Chaney Facsimile reproduction of 20-page original souvenir program Gallery of original 3-D stills (3-D viewing glasses are included with this DVD) Extensive gallery of 2-D stills, including production shots, scenes and advertising materials Excerpt from ALAS and ALACK, a 1913 Universal film in which Lon Chaney plays two roles - one of them a hunchback Behind-the-scenes footage of Lon Chaney out of makeup on the Hunchback set

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