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Controversial animator Ralph Bakshi's literal adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, is brought to the screen. An evil sorcerer from a previous era created a magical ring which enables its users to call upon its tremendous powers to rule the world, but it inevitably warps them to evil. It was believed lost, but during a resurgence of magical evil in the world, Bilbo, a simple, plain-spoken hobbit, recovers it from its hiding place. The forces of good give his nephew Frodo the choice to bear the awful burden of the ring to a place where it may be destroyed.

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Special Features: Re-mastered in an all-new Deluxe Edition! New EC includes a featurette with legendary director Ralph Bakshi -- Forging Through The Darkness: The Ralph Bakshi Vision for The Lord of the Rings Runtime approx 30 minutes

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