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In the ancient days of heroes and monsters, Argolese, one of the legendary sons of Hercules, is offered the hand of King Tedaeo's beautiful daughter, Telca, if he can slay the dragon that terrorizes the kingdom. While the mighty warrior battles the monster, a pillaging horde attacks and lays waste to the King's city. Telca and the other pitiful survivors are marched off to a life of slavery in the Kingdom of the Demulus, where ghoulish warriors eat the flesh of the conquered to gain their strengths. To rescue the princess, Argolese must battle killer elephants and armies of bloodthirsty soldiers. After securing Telca's safety, the mighty son of Hercules turns his wrath on the evil Demulus' kingdom, leading a slave rebellion and unleashing a long-dormant volcano beneath the city. Dan Vadis leads an international cast in this brawny epic from the heyday of the great Italian sword-and-sandal films. As the flood of heroic warrior films gradually waned, Vadis was able to successfully transition to the next cinematic wave from Italy - spaghetti westerns.

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ALP5363 Sons Of Hercules In The Land Of Darkness DVD (1955/Dan Vadis) $5.99