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Cruel misanthrope Christopher Dean is finally dead and allegedly buried - a package for the devil if there ever was one. His four children circle the family mansion like vultures waiting for their vast inheritance. According to the terms of their father's will, each child and their spouses must stay on the grounds of the estate for one week's time in order to collect. However, no sooner than the will is read, the grisly murders begin. As the old man's creepy servants look on, the squabbling family is bloodily picked off one-by-one at the hands of an unseen assailant. An old dark house murder mystery filled with bursts of gory violence and surreal nightmare flashbacks, Legacy of Blood (originally released as Blood Legacy) provides thrills and laughs as director Carl Monson uses brittle dialogue and the presence of horror legend John Carradine to deliver a grindhouse 70s thriller.

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ALP5351 Legacy of Blood DVD (1971/John Carradine) $5.99