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Elmo Lincoln rocketed to stardom as the world's first screen Lord of The Jungle in 1918's Tarzan Of The Apes. Audiences thrilled to the epic scope of this productionand were awed and amazed by never-before-seen action sequences. The infant Tarzan is orphaned as the savage African jungle claims the lives of his parents, Lord and Lady Greystoke. Adopted by the great ape Kala, young Tarzan grows up strong and self reliant. He discovers his fathers's hunting knife which allows him to dominate even the fiercest beasts. When a tribal chief kills Kala, Tarzan visits swift vengeance upon him. The terrified natives worship the ape-man powerful enough to slay their leader. But Tarzan is defenseless when he encounters an unimagined new creature, a beautiful Englishwoman, Lady Jane Porter. Edgar Rice Burrough's masterpiece, Tarzan Of The Apes first appeared in the pulp "All-Star Magazine" in 1912 and was published as a book in 1914. Christened Tarzan (white-skin) by his ape mother Kala, the character was enormously popular and Burroughs wrote 24 sequels up into the 1940s. Enid Markey who costars as Jane reprised the role the same year in the The Romance Of Tarzan. Markey continued to work in TV and films up until her final film appearance in The Boston Strangler (1968). BONUS - Bold Journey (1958): Hollywood cinematographer Miki Carter takes you behind-the-scenes on location in Africa as he shoots a Tarzan movie (starring Gordon Scott) in two episodes of this classic travelogue series. Amazing footage shows how spectacular action, animal and location shots are achieved. Product Description:

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