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The Gun Ranger (1937, B&W): "From now on, I'm going to be my own judge and jury - maybe the executioner, too!" swears ranger Dan Larson after the court releases suspected killer Wally Smeed on a technicality. The angry lawman wants the tough hombre to hang for murdering rancher Tom Pearson, but the miscarriage of justice prompts him to turn in his badge. The judge appoints corrupt state attorney Mills as legal guardian to Pearson's daughter, Molly. Unknown to her, the crooked politician is tight with the Circle T gang, rustlers planning to clean out the Pearson ranch. Although Larson has returned to civilian life, his desire for justice continues unabated until his inevitable face-off with the man he hopes to see hang. The Gun Ranger marked the 38th and final screen alliance between western star Bob Steele and his father, director Robert N. Bradbury. The teaming began in 1920 when the 14-year-old actor and his twin brother debuted in their dad's Pathe short, The Adventures of Bob and Bill. Steele officially became a movie star in 1927 and appeared in dozens of westerns as well as such bona fide classics as Of Mice And Men. Starring Bob Steele, Ernie Adams, Earl Dwire; Directed by Robert N. Bradbury. Galloping Romeo (1933, B&W): Bob Rivers and sidekick Grizzly think they're doing the marshal a favor by shooting a bandit who is trying to gun him down, but the lawman thinks the duo is firing at him. Beating a path out of town with a posse on their trail, the fugitives arrive in Ohi, California just as a stagecoach loads up a strongbox containing $5,000. By the time the stage reaches Fallview, the money has vanished, and the drivers are arrested. Rivers and Grizzly take over the stage job, and the next cash shipment is delivered safely. This doesn't sit well with Kent, the mastermind behind the recent string of robberies. The shrewd thief is not about to lose out on the next major money delivery - and he's willing to kill the new stage drivers for it.Galloping Romeo recycles action clips from previous Bob Steele westerns during a scene where the star and old-timer George Hayes recall their previous brushes with adventure and gunplay. This early Monogram western was one of four that Steele starred in for his director-father in 1933 and features an impressive cliff-diving stunt by the cowboy star - done in a single camera take. Starring Bob Steele, George "Gabby" Hayes, Ed Brady, Frank Ball, Earl Dwire; Directed by Robert N. Bradbury.

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