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Rawhide Romance (1934, B&W): A dude ranch that caters to rich tourists is subject to repeated robberies that target the visiting clientele, and the sheriff seems powerless to stop them. Rugged ranch-hand Buck Cartwright comes close to capturing them when he interrupts one of their robberies, but they get away. And now, new guests have arrived - a wealthy couple with $30,000 worth of jewels and a spoiled, headstrong daughter. Buck knows this is a recipe for trouble. Starring Buffalo Bill Jr., Si Jenks, Lafe McKee, Genee Bontell; Directed by Victor Adamson. The Texan (1932, B&W): Thanks to his incredibly fast riding, Bill Rust rescues a young boy on a runaway wagon. The local townsfolk are so impressed by his horsemanship that they convince him to compete in the upcoming cross-country horse race. They all bet heavily on him to win, not realizing that Bill is on the run from the law and is part of an elaborate racing fraud. Bill has been paid off to deliberately lose the race. When he learns that Mary Lou, the older sister of the boy he rescued, has bet her entire life savings on him, he vows to win the race by double-crossing the criminals and exposing himself to arrest. Starring Buffalo Bill Jr., Lucille Brown, Lafe McKee, Bobby Nelson; Directed by Clifford Smith.

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