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MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE- Bela is Dr. Mirakle, a madman in a carnival sideshow who will go to any lengths to prove his theories of evolution. He will even murder beautiful women! THE BLACK CAT- Two unsuspecting honeymooners are caught up in a strange rivalry between two old enemies (Lugosi and Karloff). Stormy nights and secret satanic rituals add to the overall gloom. Herr Poelzig's (Karloff) home is a marvel! THE RAVEN- Dr. Vollin (Lugosi) has a dark side. He's a brilliant surgeon who becomes obsessed with a female patient. Unfortunately for her, Vollin is also an Edgar Allen Poe nut with a secret dungeon full of instruments of torture! Karloff arrives as Bateman, an escaped convict who needs a new face. Vollin "helps" him for a price. THE INVISIBLE RAY- Dr. Janos Rukh (Karloff) has discovered "Radium-X", a radioactive ray that can either heal or kill! He ventures to Africa w/ Dr. Benet (Lugosi) to find an ancient meteor full of Radium-X. Alas, Rukh is in for a big surprise! BLACK FRIDAY- Boris Karloff is a brain surgeon who saves his friend's life with a brain transplant. Uh-oh, he's used the brain of a notorious gangster! Now, his "friend" wants revenge on those who murdered him, including the evil Marney (Lugosi).

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MC28295 Bela Lugosi DVD Collection (Murders In the Rue Morgue/Black Cat/Raven/Invisible Ray/Black Friday) $26.98