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Fifteen years after the murder of his father, Jim Lester (Tom Tyler) has a chance run in with Francisco Cortez, the very man convicted of the crime. The escaped prisoner swears he's innocent, and claims that one of seven men in the town of Rawdon is really the trigger man. Cortez makes his way to the town to prove his innocence, and Lester follows closely on his heels, hoping to get to the bottom of the mystery. Upon his arrival in Rawdon, Jim is immediately thrust into the center of a dark conspiracy involving The Phantom, a shadowy figure who has been menacing the same seven suspects in the older Lester's death, and whose identity is unknown. Through ten action packed chapters, Jim fights to uncover the truth in a town full of suspects.

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ALP4726 Phantom Of The West DVD (1930 serial/Tom Tyler) $5.99