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This classic movie serial stars Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon. In the first volume, our hero discovers that the Emperor Ming of the planet Mongo is dusting the Earth with a poisonous mist called "The Purple Death." Flash must go to Mongo, discover an antidote and destroy Ming. Included here are episodes one through four: "The Purple Death," "Freezing Torture," "Walking Bombs," and "The Destroying Ray." In the second volume, containing four more episodes, Flash joins forces with Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkoff to do battle the evil Ming the Merciless: "The Palace Of Terror," "Flaming Death," "The Land Of The Death," and "The Fiery Abyss."

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ALP9535 Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe DVD (1940 serial/Buster Crabbe) $11.99