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Ripped from the case files of police forces across the country, "Racket Squad" sought to expose the devious machinations of the con man. Running from 1951-1953, "Racket Squad"was one of the first series to portray the gritty reality of criminal investigation and was twice nominated for an Emmy award. Heartbreak For Sale: A con man preys on the distraught mother of an imprisoned felon, promising an early parole for her son in return for cash. The Case Of Lady Luck: A newcomer at the country club fits right in with the card-playing ladies, but her card-sharp skills raise suspicions. The Perfect Match: An elaborate con involving a rare and expensive emerald costs a reputable jeweler thousands of dollars. The Suit Club: A newlywed veteran who is down on his luck is suckered into becoming part of a shady pyramid scheme.

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ALP5774 Racket Squad TV Series Volume 5 DVD (1953/Reed Hadley) $5.99