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Mannix: Fourth Season was a smashing success, well-written, solid, and offering Mike Connors in top form. At 45, he still had the rugged good looks that could make female hearts melt, but he also was beginning to show his age, which actually improved his portrayal, and made him even more likable and 'comfortable' for family audiences. Paired with Emmy-winner Gail Fisher as secretary/best friend Peggy Fair, and Ward Wood, Robert Reed, and Larry Linville as his long-suffering but loyal police pals, the chemistry was simply perfect, and irresistable to 1970 audiences. Episodes include "One for the Lady", where Joe is accused of a shooting and robbery, and nearly loses everything; "The Mouse that Died", featuring 'Ward Cleaver', himself, Hugh Beaumont, in an innocent man tale with a twist; "The Other Game in Town", set in Vegas, guest-starring Rich Little, and a victim who may not really be dead; "What Happened to Sunday?", with Joe drugged, again; and "With Intent to Kill", as he attempts to clear police detective Dane Clark {one of the few cops who DOESN'T like Joe}.

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