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The Three Mesquiteers join the circus (Stony as the sharpshooter, Tucson as the strongman and Lullaby as the ventriloquist) to help out their friend Harris. Someone at the Big Top has been passing counterfeit money and Harris is the number one suspect. The trio find themselves in trouble with the law when they try to nab the real counterfeiters. Harris asks the Mesquiteers to be his daughter Nancy's legal guardians, but Nancy's attractive governess doesn't think three rugged bachelors can properly care for a young lady. A judge gives the boys a week to shape up and stay out of trouble. The Mesquiteers decide their best bet for keeping Nancy is for one of them to get married. Our heroes bravely take on the dangerous counterfeiting ring, but that can't hold a candle to the terrors they face from potential matrimony! Ray Corrigan, playing Tucson, dons a gorilla outfit in one key sequence meant to force a confession from a frightened outlaw. Corrigan became one of Hollywood's most sought after gorilla suit performers, and his skill in the costume department lead to his playing the infamous It! The Terror from Beyond Space in 1958, the final film of his long career.

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ALP5044 Three Mesquiteers: Come On Cowboys DVD (1937Ray Corrigan/Bob Livingston) $5.99