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Cary Grant plays Andy Crewson, a Navy war hero at the tail end of World War II who cons his way into a four-day leave in San Francisco. While a slick PR guy tries to turn Grant's hero status into a well-paying job, Crewson only has eyes for Gwinnith (Suzy Parker, one of the first supermodels)--who just happens to be the fiancée of a shipbuilding tycoon. Grant is always watchable, but the rest of the movie suffers from an identity crisis; while an aspiring Congressman (Ray Walston, The Apartment) cheerfully admits joined the Navy to further his political career, a buxom young woman (Jayne Mansfield, trying very hard to be Marilyn Monroe) offers herself to everyone in uniform because she sincerely feels it's her patriotic duty. A strange blend of cynical humor and light-hearted romance.

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