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Law Of The Saddle (1943, B&W): Smooth talking Steve Kinney rolls into a series of towns, throws cash around, and gets himself elected sheriff. Once in control, his murdering gang of gunmen clean out the bank, and flee. Suspecting that the city of Sweetwater is Kinney's next target, the authorities hire Rocky Cameron, The Lone Rider, to investigate. When Rocky turns up evidence, Kinney frames him for murder. Rocky needs to cheat the hangman's noose, if he is to bring the crooked sheriff to justice. Starring Bob Livingston, Al St. John, Betty Miles, Lane Chandler, Reed Howes;Directed by Melville DeLay. Wild Horse Rustlers (1943, B&W): Nazi saboteurs, led by Hans Beckmann, are sent to the prairie to slaughter horses destined for the U.S. war effort. Beckmann kidnaps his long-lost twin brother, Smokey, and assumes his job as foreman of the Flying Horse Ranch. Sent to investigate, undercover agent Rocky Cameron uncovers Beckmann's true identity and resolves to bust the Nazi gang wide open.

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ALP5915 Lone Rider DVD: Law of the Saddle (1943) / Wild Horse Rustlers (1943) $5.99