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Demon of Paradise A prehistoric terror from the deep (i.e. diver in cheap latex suit) rises from its eons-long nap after being rudely awakened by boozy, dynamite-fishing locals, slinking among the swaying palms to snack on unsuspecting tourists. That is, until the local Sheriff (of course) teams up with the owner of a popular resort to stand around and talk a lot... and eventually put an end to the beast's bloodthirsty rampage. Up From the Depths A group of fishermen and seamen band together to fight a monstrous finny fiend that is terrorizing a resort. They are in humorous competition with hotel guests, who hope to win a prize by killing the beast. In one particularly grisly bit of humor, a dead fisherman's body is put to really good use. The director was a scriptwriter for the Roger Corman version of A Little Shop of Horrors, and the antic sensibilities he showed there also inform this peculiar little movie.

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SF11884 Demon Of Paradise/Up From the Depths DVD (1987/79/Roger Corman) $19.99