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As World War II rages across the globe, Daily Express journalist Patsy (Robin Raymond) and her photographer pal Eddie (Frank Jenks) sniff out a military secret at the compound of mysterious Professor Reynolds (H.B. Warner). When a phantom killer strikes, Patsy and Eddie turn their investigation from science to homicide. Just when the murderer is within their grasp, the corpse of Professor Reynolds vanishes. With the blueprints for the Professor's top-secret eavesdropping device stolen and wartime paranoia in the air, everyone is a suspect - including the reporters. Producers Releasing Corporation made dozens of movies like Rogues' Gallery between 1939 and 1947. PRC, as it is commonly known, is now being recognized by film historians for its inventive but frugally produced B-pictures. A home to prolific talents as diverse as Edgar G. Ulmer and Victor Halperin, PRC produced this film as a sequel to Shake Hands With Murder (1944).

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