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Bar-Z Bad Men (1937, B&W): When roguish Jim Waters (Johnny Mack Brown) purchases a half share in Ed Park's cattle ranch, he buys into big trouble. Someone is pitting Parks against rival rancher Hamp Harvey, by sneaking Harvey's cattle into Park's herds. When Park is murdered and Harvey framed, Jim must bring the real killer to justice. Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Tom London, Frank La Rue, Ernie Adams, Lois January, Dick Curtis, Jack Rockwell; Directed by Sam Newfield. A Lawman Is Born (1937, B&W): Rival cattle barons are on the verge of total warfare over stolen herds. Sheriff Lance keeps a tight lid on the explosive situation until he is brutally murdered. Tom Mitchell (Johnny Mack Brown) is elected to be the new sheriff, but a dark secret from his past could sabotage efforts to find Lance's killers and prevent a bloodbath. Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Charles King, Iris Meredith, Frank La Rue, Al St. John, Warner Richmond and Dick Curtis; Directed by Sam Newfield.

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