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What happens when a pair of college students descends on sunny Southern California in search of the hottest chicks on the planet? Hijinks and hilarity, that's for sure! Bo Dean Cameron and Abe Stuart Fratkin are just your average, high spirited and fun loving guys, except that they happen to be from Outer Space - - the planet Crouton to be exact. They're dropping in on Earth for an education, but what they learn isn't in any books, and certainly not in the classroom. Enrolled by their parents at Cambridge University, they instead opt for sunny and lusty over somber and musty, and set their sights on Malibu Beach. Complicating things for Bo and Abe, a pair of UFO hunters are tracking the boys as they pursue their objects of desire. Their hilarious miscues and amorous forays into the world of Earth girls is a learning experience, but not one that Mom and Dad had in mind! Starring Dean Cameron Ski School, Men at Work and Stuart Fratkin Teen Wolf, Too; Judging Amy, along with the UFO hunters, Christopher Carroll Little Nicky and Allan Royal Falcon Crest. Color

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