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As an ominous bell tolls midnight the heirs to the Wayne fortune gather, at the dying man's estate to learn his final wishes. Wayne collapses in front of the entire family, a dagger buried in his lifeless heart. The greedy relatives, who hated the old man when he was alive, are all suspect. Detective-Sergeant Mitchell is determined to expose the murderer, but recurring glimpses of a sinister hooded figure and the discovery of a second corpse transform the investigation into a fight for survival. Aided by Nosey Toodles, a lovely and daring reporter, Mitchell begins to unravel the baffling case. On the heels of their success with The Thirteenth Guest, Monogram revived that film's atmosphere and hooded figure with a maddening twist - the murder occurs in plain view of the entire cast, including the detective. Dwight Frye (Dracula, Frankenstein) is chilling as the murdered man's anxious nephew.

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ALP4411 Wayne Murder Case DVD (1932/Regis Toomey) $5.99