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Black Gestapo (1975, Color): General Ahmed's "People's Army" is powerless to protect the citizens of Watts from ruthless white crime lords. Drugs, prostitution, rape and murder are out of control. Ahmed gives one of his men, Colonel Kojah, permission to form an armed "protection" squad to stand up to the white thugs. Emulating the dreaded German Gestapo, they exact vicious revenge against the men oppressing their black brothers. After driving the mob out, they take up the same lucrative crime activities they once fought against. Having unleashed a monster, General Ahmed must now fight Kojah and his black fascists single-handedly. Starring Charles Robinson, Uschi Digard, Rod Perry, Angela Brent, Phil Hoover; Directed by Lee Frost. The Black Six (1974, Color): Six black Vietnam vets ride their choppers cross-country, staying just out of the reach of the cops and ignorant white trash bigots. One of them, Bubba Daniels, receives news that his brother Eddie has been murdered. Returning to his old hometown with his pals in tow, Bubba learns that Eddie was seeing a white girl named Jenny, and that Jenny's brother, Moose, leads an outlaw biker gang. With the odds heavily stacked against them, the Black Six ride to an explosive showdown with an army of racist cycle thugs. A half-dozen great pro football stars of the Seventies star as The Black Six... Gene Washington, Joe Green, Carl Eller, Lem Barney, Mercury Morris, Willie Lanier; Directed by Matt Cimber.

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