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Head for the hills as the fur starts flying in these seven big BIGFOOT classics, including the awesomely grotesque SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED; sci-fi’s first film Yeti, 1954’s THE SNOW CREATURE; and 1997’s SEARCH FOR THE BEAST, starring Rick Montana (Active Stealth), David F. Friedman (Blood Feast) and Kimberly Cole. Then it’s the monster bigger than Godzilla and badder than Gamera in MAJIN, MONSTER OF TERROR and RETURN OF THE GIANT MANJIN, two high-quality epics about a giant stone idol that comes to life to defeat evil warlords who terrorize innocent villagers. Combining samurai swordplay with fantastic special effects, this double-feature is a must-see for fans of ’60s Japanese cinema. More monster madness ensues in two obscure delights from ambitious Texas low-budget monster-master Larry Buchanan: ZONTAR: THING FROM VENUS and THE EYE CREATURES. Detailing the ravages of an alien invasion of Earth (with varying degrees of success), these films are the crème de la crème of sci-fi insanity!

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RET5334 Beast Collection DVD (Shriek of the Mutilated/Search for the Beast/The Legend of Bigfoot/Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot/The Snow Creature/Zontar, Thing From Venus/The Eye Creatures/Majin, Monster of Terror/Return of Giant Majin) $19.99 $17.99