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In a final, desperate attempt to save the life of her ailing grandson Mark, Alice Douglas seeks the aid of Dr. Sills, a renowned expert on ESP and parapsychology. It soon becomes evident that the boy is possessed by some unknown evil force: an uncontrollable psychic power which threatens to destroy him. Dr. Sills attempts to uncover the cause of the phenomenon through the use of hypnosis and very soon reaches the conclusion that the boy's illness is but one symptom among many present in the boy's family. Ultimately, Dr. Sills concludes that the key to the present tragic happenings lies in the death of Mark's father, two years before. In order to stop the advancing destruction of the boy and his family. Dr. Sills must ultimately risk her own life by attempting to intercede with unknown forces in the psychic world. 1977, color, 92 min. Directed by: James T. Flocker Starring: Ann Nelson and Matt Boston

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UE1044 Ghosts That Still Walk VHS (1977/Ann Nelson) $14.99