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The BLOOD PACK collection presents three full-length features full of terror and gore. In THE RIPPER (1986), from out of a dream, Jack the Ripper returns to stalk the living. A college professor finds a ring that resembles one found at the scene of the last White Chapel murder. And, when he wears it, brutal slashings occur in the small town. BLOOD CULT (1985) - a movie so gruesomely realistic, the production was banned from two mid-western campuses. Crafted in the tradition of such horror classics as PSYCHO and HALLOWEEN, with an ending so surprising, we dare you to guess who the killer is. (BLOOD CULT was the first movie made for the home video market!) REVENGE (1986) - This shocking suspense thriller, starring Hollywood film legends Patrick Wayne (YOUNG GUNS) and John Carradine (THE HOWLING), is a sequel to the groundbreaking made-for-video gore fest BLOOD CULT.

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