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As the fourth season of MI-5 begins the stories are more relevant than ever before. The series has always been fast-paced a hard-hitting but now the battleground of national security provides an even more dramatic backdrop to the challenges facing the team from MI-5. The group were left reeling after the shocking death of Danny at the hands of hostage-takers as the last season concluded. Now Adam, Harry, Ruth, Fiona and rising star Zafar set out to become even stronger in their battle to safeguard the nation.

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Special Features: Documentaries: Two-part documentary about the making of Series 4 of MI-5, including interviews with cast members, episode clips and extensive behind-the-scenes footage from both the set and location Interviews: Exclusive interview with MI-5 director Julian Simpson Peter Firth (Harry) Interview Other: Spy drama is at an all time high on TV with the success of Alias and 24.

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