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Honest rancher Helen Rickson is framed for a $5,000 theft, and must go into hiding with the law hot on her heels. It seems that crooked political boss, Sandy Doyle needs the Rickson Ranch to further his illegal gold smuggling operation, and means to take it using whatever means necessary. Dan Haggerty, who had been laying telegraph lines on the Rickson property when the theft was committed, realizes that Helen is innocent. Helen and Dan team up to clear her name and expose Doyle and his criminal empire. Dorothy Page was a former model with a successful singing career on radio in 1935 when Universal Pictures featured her in Manhattan Blue and King Solomon of Broadway. Ride 'Em Cowgirl was the first of three Grand National musical westerns she starred in culminating with The Singing Cowgirl (1939), her final film appearance. Character actor Milton Frome's career was revitalized in the 1950s with many TV roles and appearances in his pal Jerry Lewis' movies. He worked steadily throughout the 60s. Bald comedian Vince Barnett is remembered for roles in The Death Kiss (1932), Scarface (1932), East Side Kids (1940), and continued with TV work through the 70s, most notably as the character Elmo on the "Andy Griffith" and "Mayberry, R.F.D." shows.

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