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Tarpon Springs is the sponge fishing capital of the world where Greek American divers risk their lives to bring home their harvest. Captain Pappas and his ship dominate the other fisherman in bitter rivalry. The greedy Pappas and his crew are poaching and cleaning out the shallow beds reserved for the struggling rowboat divers. Conflict erupts between his top hand, Steve Londos, and John Kaminas, an upright diver who defends the rights of the starving families. Both men are in love with the Captain's daughter, pretty Helen Pappas. The explosive triangle will only be resolved when one of the rivals lies dead. Ben Lyon was a veteran silent screen actor when he scored his biggest success with his role in the talkie Hells Angels (1930), a performance that kept him steadily employed for the next decade. Ann Rutherford portrayed Polly Benedict in the Academy Award winning "Andy Hardy" series (1937-42). The veteran actress appeared in many fine productions, most notably Gone With The Wind (1939), Pride And Prejudice (1940) and the Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (1947).

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