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Edgar Kennedy, the "King of the Slow Burn," began his film career in 1914 as one of the original Keystone Kops. In 1931, at the beginning of the Sound Era, RKO Studios hired Kennedy to portray "Mr. Average Man," in a series of slapstick two-reelers that lasted 17 years at a half-dozen titles per year. Kennedy is perhaps now best remembered as the peanut vendor, brilliantly performing his famous "slow burn" in the Marx Brothers' 1933 masterpiece, Duck Soup. Presented here are ten hilarious samples of the comic shorts that made Kennedy such a beloved character. - Ed Hulse A Merchant of Menace (1933) An Apple in His Eye (1941) Baby Daze (1939) Feather Your Nest (1944) Hold Your Temper (1943) I'll Build it Myself (1946) I'll Fix It (1941) Prunes and Politics (1944) Rough on Rents (1942) Westward Ho-Hum (1941)

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