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This black comedy chronicles the daily doings within a Beijing police precinct. Much of the story centers upon rookie cop Yang Guoli as he receives a lecture on police duties and is then set upon his beat. He is accompanied by his tough older colleague who takes him along the gritty streets and alleys of his patrol. The old cop introduces the younger to the neighborhood "granny police" a gang of gossipy old women who keep careful records of their neighbors' activities on file cards. The living conditions at the police station are less than ideal and sleep is hard to come by. The rookie's homelife isn't much better as his wife constantly natters at him for telling stupid stories to their children. The worst problem the rookie faces is boredom. Fortunately, when he is assigned to find a rabid dog, he finds some much desired excitement. Next he arrests and gets duped by a street con-artist. Soon he finds himself fully engaged in enforcing the most minute laws in order to help his precinct win a special prize for blind obedience.

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