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The film stars five friends who, unable to find work in their seaside home, move to Tokyo in order to find work, however, because of their lack of education, they are unable to find decent jobs. After the group of friends is put in prison because the main character, Asao, attacks a man heckling his friend, Ryuji, during a boxing match, they come up with the idea to buy a dumptruck and eventually expand their business. Unfortunately, Ryuji is killed by police when he comes to the defence of a striking workers, Ichiro gets a woman pregnant and is forced to drop out of the group, and Kiyoshi is put in jail for beating up a security guard. On the other hand, Asao and Kikuo are able to get a truck and it seems that their lives are on the road to improvement until friends and family of the past begin to show up. This film gives the viewer a good look at the Japanese working class and its everyday struggles, and while the film has a note of optimism about overcoming obstacles, it also shows that no matter how much one struggles to improve, one might never accomplish anything worthwhile.

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Special Features Interview with director Kinji Fukasaku Director Filmography

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