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Naked Fury A gang of thieves led by American Eddy (Reed de Rouen) kill a security guard during a botched safe robbery and flee with his daughter (Leigh Madison) as a hostage. They hide out in a dangerously unstable old warehouse for a couple of days awaiting their getaway ship to sail, but Johnny (Kenneth Cope) falls for the girl - provoking a serious falling-out and a violent conclusion to the disastrous heist. 1959, b&w, 57 min. Cover Girl Killer Set in the sleazy world of a backstreet 50s nightclub. A serial-killer is believed to be murdering the models of glamour magazine, and cover-girl Gloria Starke (Bernadette Milnes), is found dead after going on an assignment with mysterious bespectacled TV producer, Spendosa (Harry H Corbett).

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UE8593 British Classics Double Feature Vol 2 DVD (Naked Fury/Cover Girl Killer) $14.99