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Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall. The redneck wits of Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road have gone a little more posh in this, their final appearance together. Performing in the gorgeous, historic Warner Theater in Washington, D.C., there's an air of class about the proceedings quickly and good-naturedly undone by the quartet's material. Bill Engvall discusses what it was like to assemble a trampoline for his kid and make a couple of discoveries while trying it out: "One, the dog doesn't like to jump. Two, I'm 20 feet in the air, and now my high school geometry kicks in. If you jump at an angle, you bounce at the opposite angle." He has another fond remembrance of youth: "Remember when you discovered you could burn ants with a magnifying glass? Then I saw an ant on my arm." Ron White, with trademark drink and a smoke in hand, talks about dieting tips for clean living: "Skinny people tell you: drink a lot of water, you'll be less hungry. You know what? Drink a lot of water, you'll be less thirsty." Redneck everyman Jeff Foxworthy comes armed with fashion tips for the Wal-Mart crowd: "There's no shame in having a spare tire around your waist. Just cover it up." He's also got vasectomy clinic slogans you don't want to hear: "Half-off. Everything must go." Finally, Larry the Cable Guy continues narrating his journey through cluelessness: "I got married seven months ago. We're already having trouble. Apparently, you can't talk dirty to your wife's sister." A little sidebar about the comedians' special trip to the White House is a cute diversion, while special features include a brisk question-and-answer session with a sharp audience.

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Special Features * Yankee Doody Dandy * Molding the Minds of Young Americans * Blue Collar Fans * Behind the Scenes: One for the Road * Photo Gallery

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