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Dark Shadows DVD Set 8 contains Original Episodes 493 - 533

Hoping to free himself and the entire Collins family of Angelique the witch‘s evil schemes, Barnabas hires artist Sam Evans to age her portrait, causing Angelique to rapidly age intoa 200-year-old-woman. The ghost of Reverend Trask appears at the Old House to seek vengence against Barnabas for the tragedies in Collinsport of 1795. Professor Stokes questions Victoria Winters about her trip back in time and what she knows about Angelique. A mysterious stranger named Nicholas Blair arrives at Collinwood and claims to be Cassandra Collins‘ (alias Angelique) brother.

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Exclusive interviews with creator/executive producer Dan Curtis, former network executive Leonard Goldberg, actor John Karlen and video producer/publicist Jim Pierson.

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