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Eaten Alive A girl risks her life and plunges into a jungle hell in search of her missing sister. Throughout her perilous journey, she must fend off hungry cannibal tribes and avoid being served up as a sacrificial lamb for a good old-fashioned suicide cult! Massacre in Dinosaur Valley When his plane crash-lands, paleontologist Kevin Hall wages a single-handed battle against the Amazon's most evil elements-treacherous quick sand, man-eating beasts, flesh hungry cannibals, and sadistic slave traders. Jungle Holocaust After a plane crash, Robert Harper finds himself stranded alone in the jungle. He discovers a native civilization hidden there, but they are a cruel tribe of cannibals with only malicious intentions. Tortured and humiliated, Robert is taken to the edge of his sanity by a series of acts so horrible that they are practically beyond human comprehension. Only the fact that one of the cannibal women sympathizes with him gives Robert the strength to plan a desperate escape.

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TSVD0614 Jungle Holocaust/Eaten Alive/Massacre in Dinosaur Valley DVD (1977/Ruggero Deodato/1980/Umberto Lenzi/1985/Michael Lemick) $16.98