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Produced by Carl Laemmle Jr., the man responsible for Universal's classic horror cycle of the 1930s, East of Borneo is a fevered dream of the Congo that features captivating performances from cult actresses Rose Hobart and Lupita Tovar (from Universal's Spanish version of Dracula). Linda (Hobart), wife of cold-hearted scientist Dr. Allan Clark (Charles Bickford), travels into the jungle to find her missing husband. She discovers him perpetually inebriated and installed as court physician to the Prince of Marudo (Georges Renavent). When the scheming prince falls for Linda, she and Dr. Clark must plot a path back to civilization at great risk to their lives. Featuring 18-foot slithering serpents, prowling tigers, a smoking volcano that is about to erupt and a percussive, chanting soundtrack, East of Borneo is thrilling high adventure.

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