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Based on the successful World War I play by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, ENCHANTED COTTAGE is a romantic wartime fantasy glowing with the timeless, metamorphic power of love. Robert Young stars as Oliver Bradford, a handsome, wealthy man called to active duty on the eve of his wedding. He returns early from the war, having been physically and emotionally scarred in a plane crash. Deserted by his fiancée, he withdraws from society by renting the cottage that was supposed to be the site of their honeymoon. A plain, painfully shy woman, Laura Pennington (Dorothy McGuire), also hiding from the world's cruelty, lingers by the seaside cottage. The unwanted loners befriend each other and agree to marry, as no one else will have them. On their wedding night in the enchanted cottage a miraculous transformation occurs. Directed by John Cromwell (OF HUMAN BONDAGE, THE PRISONER OF ZENDA) with warmth and an emotional realism that perfectly balances the film's expressive fantastical flourishes, ENCHANTED COTTAGE is a classic, substantive, multi handkerchief tearjerker.

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WAA22468 Enchanted Cottage DVD (1945/Dorothy McGuire/Robert Young) $19.99