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GREAT GUNS is Fox's topical answer to Abbott & Costello's hit "Buck Privates," with awkward rookies Stan and Ollie in the army. The script is rather lame, but there are some choice moments (you'll howl when Laurel stashes a live crow down Hardy's pants during inspection). Watch for Alan Ladd in a bit part.

JITTERBUGS is an engaging comedy with music, with Stan and Ollie as zoot-suited bandleaders who get mixed up with swindlers, and who right the wrong by adopting disguises for a sting operation. Vivian Blaine sings three songs, radio actor Bob Bailey is fine as the stingmaster, and Stan and Ollie are in good form (and fun to watch when they're in disguise). This is the glossiest Laurel & Hardy movie from this period, with a notable supporting cast.

THE BIG NOISE is a matter of taste. Some viewers regard it as merely a humdrum rehash of old routines, while others enjoy it as a virtual textbook of tried-and-true Laurel & Hardy material. Either way, it's loaded with vintage gags. The boys are janitors-turned-detectives, who safeguard a gadget-crazy inventor and his new high explosive. Watch for young Robert Blake as a mischievous brat. First-time viewers should enjoy it; if you know Laurel & Hardy you'll certainly recognize the jokes: an upper-berth scene with drunken Jack Norton is a highlight.

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Commentary by Laurel and Hardy author historian Randy Skretvedt on each feature
"Revenge of the Sons of the Desert" featurette
Movietone News clip: "Inauguration of the Railway"
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