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THE DANCING MASTERS (1943) is a relaxed hour of nonsense, as Stan and Ollie operate a dancing school, hide in a society mansion, wreck a ray gun, invade a construction site, upset an auction, ride a runaway bus... and that's just PART of it! Episodic as all getout, but Stan and Ollie are in practically every scene and they time their laughs beautifully. Good supporting cast (Bob Bailey, Trudy Marshall, Margaret Dumont, Matt Briggs); watch for a young Robert Mitchum. Fun for the whole family.

A-HAUNTING WE WILL GO (1942), featuring Dante the Magician, is a misguided attempt to turn Laurel & Hardy into Abbott & Costello. Stan and Ollie struggle visibly with an ill-fitting, contemptuous script and oblivious, humorless direction. The silver lining for movie buffs is a dream '40s cast of familiar faces: Mantan Moreland, Elisha Cook, Jr., Richard Lane, Robert Emmett Keane, Sheila Ryan, Lou Lubin, Addison Richards, and more. Pretend it's a Charlie Chan murder mystery that somehow includes Laurel & Hardy.

THE BULLFIGHTERS (1945) has the boys as private detectives in Mexico City, where Stan has to pose as a daring matador. The reliable Richard Lane and Edward Gargan are their main comic foils here, and Diosa Costello has a lively Latin musical specialty. Plenty of typical Laurel & Hardy gags and pantomime (two scenes were written and directed by Stan Laurel without screen credit). Some L & H admirers may regard this as a lackluster recycling of old routines, but Laurel & Hardy are obviously on familiar ground and they deliver the routines with enthusiasm.

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Commentary on all 3 features by film historian Scott MacGillivray
Archival featurette Tree in a Test Tube
Archival featurette A Ship's Reporter
"Grand Hotel: The 1932 Laurel & Hardy Tour" featurette
"Laurel & Hardy: The Fox Years" featurette
Fox Movietone News Footage

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