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Show #1: The stooges find themselves in the army where they drop into an enemy bomb factory; in the woods where they face down a hibernating bear; in an Old West shootout with the town bully at the No Chance Saloon; and at the dentist's office where Curly has a tooth pulled-the hard way. 1. That Little Old Bomb Maker (Soldiers), 2. Woodsmen Bear That Tree (Lost), 3. Let's Shoot The Piano Player (Campers), 4. Dentist The Menace (Bakers). Show #2: The stooges get in over their heads trying to catch a pearl thief in the South Pacific; they go on safari in search of a wild man for the Bungling Bros. Circus; they work at the Knotso Klene Kar Wash where they really clean up; and they enter a car race where Moe ends up winning when he loses control. 5. Safari So So Good (Orangutan), 6. Thimk Or Thwim (Flat Tire), 7. There Auto Be A Law (Fan Belt), 8. That Old Shell Game (Fishermen)

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RV970062-3 Three Stooges Cartoons VHS Vol. 1 (8 shorts) $9.95