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A trip across the Canadian border proves to be more dangerous than anticipated when rancher "Utah" Neves travels to visit an old fur-trapping friend. Arriving to find his buddy murdered and all his pelts stolen, Utah becomes the prime suspect of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Jack Craig. The real culprits, a gang of outlaws led by "Nails" Nelson, are anxious to kill Neves, as he noses closer and closer to uncovering their operation. The star of North of the Border, Russell Hayden, appeared in scores of movies between 1937 and 1951, most often using the screen name "Lucky." In the 1950s he produced several television westerns - "26 Men," "Judge Roy Bean," and "Cowboy G-Men." He also appeared in the latter two, and composed the theme music for "26 Men."

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ALP5621 North of the Border DVD (1946/Russell Hayden) $5.99