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The girlfriend of Bochini, a shady "businessman," is gunned down by another woman in the parking lot of the Club Sirocco. A few days later, a strange ad appears in a newspaper published by good samaritan, Mordecai Breen. The ad's curious copy - "I'll buy your life. Apply Thursday. Alhambra Arms. Ask for A. Darnell." - drives Breen to investigate. He goes to the specified address to find a line of women waiting to apply. After learning that "A. Darnell" is actually Club Sirocco's band leader, Albert Darnell, Breen is introduced to Mary Jones, the woman who has agreed to accept $20,000 for the sale of her life. Mary later appears at the newspaperman's office with two envelopes to be left in Breen's care, only to be opened in the event of her death. That evening, Mary turns herself in for the club murder, making her a target for the bereaved Bochini, who has vowed revenge for his lover's death.

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ALP5423 I'll Sell My Life DVD (1941/Joan Woodbury) $5.99