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Muggs (Leo Gorcey) has just turned 18 and learns that his rich and generous Uncle Pete (Noah Beery) is coming in from Texas to visit. Pete, who has been supporting the family, believes that Muggs has five brothers and a sister! Muggs volunteers the gang to be the make-believe siblings, with Glimpy (Huntz Hall) playing his sis Annabelle. When Pete gallops into New York, the boys begin the comical family charade as Glimpy/Annabelle tries to feign femininity and keep his pantlegs from showing underneath his skirt. When neighborhood wiseguy George Mooney (Rick Vallin) learns of the boys' game, he schemes to expose the East Siders' true identities and rob Pete of his fortune.

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ALP4158 Clancy Street Boys DVD (1943/East Side Kids) $5.99