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Between slams of his gavel, Judge Jay Jostyn enforces justice in this spellbinding "reality" series enacting cases in a Los Angeles night court. Although the announcer presents "true cases and real people," actors play the roles of the defendants amid "live" courtroom mumbling and commotion. The riveting stories are both strange and funny, revealing a wide assortment of bizarre human frailties behind the multitude of shocking offenses. Episode 1: A mentally disturbed man accuses a cop of being out to get him... A jealous young woman uses the legal system to teach her boyfriend a lesson... A parolee starts a riot at a department store... Two drunks get hauled in for brawling... Episode 2: A man is busted for running an illegal numbers game... A mother has a bad habit of having her seven year old son run to the bar to fetch his father... A sad little man is accused of cutting off a female co-worker's pony-tail... Episode 3: A British butler gets into a scuffle... A woman interferes with the fire department during an emergency... A skin allergy keeps a crook from going to jail... Episode 4: A swami conman gets caught peddling his wares without a license... A first-time shoplifter gets pinched... A midway operator accused of rigging his game claims that he's being framed ... A truck driver gets arrested for being pushy in traffic... A beautiful young woman is caught on a street corner in a risque outfit.

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ALP5409 Night Court USA, Volume 6 DVD (1958) $5.99