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AMAZING MR. X: Mystery, romance and warm drama – a charlatan, portrayed by Turhan Bey, poses as a spiritualistic medium to manipulate his chief victim portrayed by Lynn Bari. The victim’s sister (Cathy O’Donnell) suspicious of Bey, sets out to prove him a fraud – until she falls in love with him. Bey is so influenced by Miss O’Donnell that he decides to give up his fraudulent ways. But, it may be too late! Blackmail may be the undoing of the charlatan turned repentant. 78 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1948 REIGN OF TERROR: France 1794 – a taut, fast paced adventure set during the French Revolution that plays more like a gritty Film Noir thriller; courtesy of auteur director Anthony Mann and cameraman extraordinaire John Alton, plus an expert cast led by Robert Cummings who turns in a surprisingly tough performance and the most lovely Arlene Dahl. 87 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1949

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Special Features: Episode selection, Trailers, The Amazing Mr. X Commentary by Jay Allan Fenton, Reign of Terror Commentary by Alan Rode and Arlene Dahl, Photo Gallery, Digitally Restored, Extensive Liner Notes by Jay Allan Fenton

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