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This multi-episode syndicated series bubbled to life in 1960 in Philadelphia. Shot through a large fish tank with live fish swimming in the foreground, "Diver Dan" features a memorable cast of scaly marionettes brought to life by veteran voice-master, Allen Swift. Having previously done voices on the most famous puppet show of the Fifties, "Howdy Doody," Swift later went on to work on "Tooter Turtle," "King Leonardo," and "Underdog." The only two live actors were Suzanne Turner as Miss Minerva and Frank Freda as pressure-suited Diver Dan. The surreal black and white ocean-bottom sets, the clever dialog with its running gags ("Don't call me Boss. Call me Baron, you moron!" - "OK, Baron you moron!") and the fantastic underwater adventures turned these episodes into cherished childhood memories for American baby-boomers.

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ALP5152 Diver Dan Vol. 1 DVD (15 Episodes) $5.99