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First-time Irish writer/director Sean Walsh spent ten years making Bl,.m (Bloom), an adaptation of James Joyce's infamously difficult 1922 epic {-Ulysses. Set in Dublin on the day of June 16, 1904, the film attempts to make a visual reconstruction of Joyce's stream-of-consciousness style. Following all the major themes of the original novel, it's bookended by the internal monologue given by the sexually driven Molly (Angeline Ball). Stephen Rea plays her husband, the introspective Jewish-Irishman Leopold Bloom. Hugh O'Conor plays the philosophical young writer Stephen Dedalus. Bloom premiered at the {~2003 Taormina Film Festival.

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Special Features * Letterbox format * 5.1 Stereo Surround * Director's commentary * The making of Bloom * Deleted scenes * Promotional clips * Production drawings * Interactive menus * Optional Spanish subtitles * Scene selection * Trailers

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