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"Lights Out" was an early television series based on the eerie dramatizations of the popular 1930s radio show. The broadcasts made writer and director Arch Oboler a household name synonymous with the macabre. It was brought to network television between 1949 and 1952. A precursor to shows like "Twilight Zone," "Night Gallery" and A"lfred Hitchcock Presents," "Lights Out" is a chilling remnant of old-fashioned ghost story-telling. Just What Happened: An innocent man is accused of throwing a musician from a skyscraper window. The Angry Birds: A bored young wife heartlessly kills her husband's beloved pet canary, bringing a terrible fate upon herself. The Last Will of Dr. Rant: A hideous apparition prevents a scholar from examining a rare manuscript. The Martian Eyes: A man finds himself drawn in by a drunk's vivid warnings of ongoing Martian infiltration, that will lead to the invasion of the earth and the subjugation of mankind.

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