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An innocent young man awaits the electric chair at Cragmoor State Prison while reporters from all of the wire services gather to report the event. The boy's girlfriend and the warden both believe the condemned man's claims of innocence, but are helpless to stop the execution. As dawn approaches, it appears that only divine intervention can prevent his appointment with death. Paul H. Sloane wrote and directed this forgotten but highly effective film noir. One of Sloane's early efforts was Too Many Kisses (1925), which was notable for the screen debut of Harpo Marx. He directed the early films of the comedy team of Wheeler and Woolsey, including Half Shot At Sunrise (1930) and later Paramount's production of Geronimo (1940). Walter Reed, who plays the priest, began in film appearing in features such as Young Man With A Horn (1950), Superman And The Mole-Men (1951) and Macumba Love (1960). He went on to three decades of appearances on many TV shows including "M Squad" in the 50s to "The Streets Of San Francisco" in the 1970s.

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ALP5990 Sun Seta at Dawn DVD (1950/Walter Reed) $5.99